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Mr. Chellaram Kripalani

Mr.Chellaram Kripalani was born on 2nd May 1933, in a renowned business family of Sindh. On partition, he moved to Jodhpur. Thereafter, to earn a living and pursue a career, he moved to Jakarta (Indonesia) in the year 1949. He started his career as a salesman in a small textile store, with a minimal salary. His hard work and loyalty over the years paid off and was made the working partner on a profit sharing basis. From then onwards there is no looking back -with his tremendous hard work, great vision, and the blessings of his mentor, he started his own textile business, which has now spread to industrial activities, banking, real estate, development and trading, import and export etc., in various countries such as Indonesia, Nigeria, Phillipines, Singapore, Dubai, India etc. In 1976 he moved his headquarters from Jakarta to Singapore. He is married to Mrs. Ashadevi Chellaram Kirpalani and blessed with a son and six daughters. All his children are happily married and settled in different countries all over the world. His statement of life is to commit his assets spread all over the world for charity.

Mrs. Ashadevi Kripalani

Mrs. Ashadevi Kripalani was born on 9th October 1935, in a renowned business family of Hyderabad (SINDH). She was married to Mr.Chellaram Kripalani on 30th October 1951.Since then she has been the backbone of her husband, supporting him through all his ventures including charity. She also has earmarked all her major assets for charity.