About Us

JSSHEF has its genesis long back as charity was part of the personality of Dada Chellaram Kripalani. Later it was organised through Jai Shiv Shakti Trust in Bengaluru. Further to cater to the growing need and to give depth to its activity the company is registered under the company act 25(b) on June 1st 2011.

Our prime motto is to lend our hands to the downtrodden brothers and sisters.

JSSHEF provides seva through various Trusts in India, in the sectors of Health, Education, Upliftment, Vocational Training and Family Sustenance.

Our Mission : “JSSEHF will form a chain of such NGOs/Trusts/social workers who are of high integrity, selfless and with full of compassion to serve the motherland and its neglected people.”

Our Vision : “ Our vision is to enlighten the life of an individuals and to make him live on his own with self respect and dignity by providing them basic Education and amenities.”